Gyming can certainly be daunting. I know it certainly can be for me. If you are an amateur at the gym, you will certainly face problem...

Gyming can certainly be daunting. I know it certainly can be for me. If you are an amateur at the gym, you will certainly face problems which you will find baffling to deal with. These things often turn into screwing up your idea of coming to the gym further. This makes it important for you to first get introduced to all such common problems and find effective solutions for them. Although some of these issues may seem to be minor, but they often lead to huge setbacks in terms of benefits.

Waiting for equipment
People are bound to form bee-lines at an equipment in gym during the during peak hours. It's sheer wastage of time to follow the league. The best available option is to head to the gym during the off-hours; either early in the morning before 7 or after 7 in the evening. Also, try and have alternative options ready in the back of your mind in case the machines are busy. This way you will stay moving rather than wasting your time waiting.

Skipping warm-up
Believe it or not, dodging your pre-workout warm-up is a sure shot way to get injured when the workout gets tougher. It is very important to have a dedicated warm-up that involves body weight exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks. This helps in elevating the heart rate before you plan to attack the weights. If possible, make first set of each exercise you tend to perform lighter than the further ones as this also works as a great warm-up session.

Not planning the routine
Straight walking into the gym without a plan in mind is always a bad idea. Before starting anything you certainly need to have a plan for sure. Your plan of work-out should be well-thought out in advance and it must include the exercises, sets, and reps. You may even include the order in which you plan to perform the exercises. This helps in cutting down on the time wastage and rather ensures you straight get down to business.

Using same machines and sets
In case you go with the same repetitive routine every day, you will soon get bored and will lose interest in gyming. To avoid this, make sure that your workout routine changes after every few weeks. This can be done by either alternating the exercises or the acute variables which include sets, reps, and most importantly the rest times. To enjoy extended benefits, stick with a particular workout routine for not more than three to four weeks before changing it up. 

Now I ain't no fitness expert, but here's a little fitness motivation from my fave trainer Obi [Obi's Anti Gravity/Fight Club] which really rings true for all work out: 1) Never go three days without exercise 2) Work out at least three days a week 3) Never miss a Monday 4) Never give up!

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